Access Darts for iOS

Darts Game for Switch Users & VI Players.

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Video shows Apple iPhone version

Access Darts is a simple Tap-to-Play darts game for one or two players.

It was created with switch users and includes audio features which enable play by blind and visually impaired gamers.

The app can also be controlled hands-free using iPad or iPhone built-in microphones as switches.

Parent Friendly

No adverts. No in-app purchases.

Apple VPP Supported

Discounted Education Purchasing

iOS 10 Ready

Built for iOS10 and new hardware

Version 1.5

Switch Accessible

Created for and with iOS Switch Control users

Sound Switch Support

Controllable using only the device microphone.

Full Audio Game Layer

Playable by blind and VI users.

Reviews and References

  • App Review from Barrie Ellis on the One Switch Gaming Blog
  • MP3 Podcast from visually impaired gamer and Assistive Technology Specialist, Curtis Jackson

Voice Help

Access Darts supports English Language speech in the UK, US, Australia, Ireland and South Africa dialects built-in to iOS. Choose which dialect to use on the Game Settings screen inside the Access Darts app.

You can greatly improve the speech quality of voices by downloading free Enhanced Voices from Apple. Some dialects have several voices to choose from including male and female options. Go to your device's main iOS Settings App; choose General, choose Accessibility, choose Speech and then choose Voices. Access Darts will use the default voice which you set for each English dialect.

VoiceOver Help

Please use the Access Darts section of your main iOS Settings App to set Speech and Scanning to always on. After starting Access Darts use the iOS Accessibility Shortcut (three presses of your Home Button) to switch VoiceOver off while playing. All Game Center functions are provided using Apple's native controls so please switch VoiceOver back on to operate these - currently only Leaderboards and Challenges are supported.

When scanning is enabled, use a single tap to select or change an item and to play the game. Use a three-finger touch to end a game early.

We recommend you set the Game Speed to slow and enable Sonar for the most accessible game play. Increase the Game Speed if you are familiar with the layout of slices on a dartboard or for more challenging play. Change the game speed while playing by cleanly tapping with two fingers at once.

Switch Help

You can force scanning to run all the time by visiting the Access Darts section of the main iOS Settings App. Auto-scanning can also be turned on and off within the app using a three-finger touch gesture or Recipe.

A single tap controls the game play and selects items when scanning is enabled. Most people use the Tap Middle of Screen or Tap Point (iOS 10) Recipes and iOS Switch Control to play.

To use direct switch control instead of iOS Switch Control, please turn on the 'Legacy Switch' option found in the Access Darts section of the main iOS Settings App and choose a keystroke mode such as RJ Cooper standard, "1", "Enter" etc. This option can lead to poorer performance on older iPads and iPhones - it will also cause the soft keyboard toolbar to appear on iPads.

Accessible Fallback

If you accidently select settings which render the app inaccessible to your needs, please restart the app and wait without touching the screen or your switch. Failsafe accessibility and game play settings will automatically be applied after a 15 second delay.



Access Darts does not collect or access any personal data.

Access Darts supports the Apple Game Center for Leaderboards and Friend Challenges (Achievements Only). Game Center is not required to play.


Access Darts Release Information

  • 1.1 (iOS) 26th October 2016 - First Release.
  • 1.2 (iOS) 31st October 2016 - Adds Free Play match mode.
  • 1.3 (iOS) 6th November 2016 - Adds more voices and in-game speed control.
  • 1.4 (iOS) 8th November 2016 - More help text for visually impaired players.
  • 1.5 (iOS) 13th November 2016 - Adds an extra very slow game speed option.